Wednesday, November 10, 2021

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Political Correspondent John Manley wrote a piece on this for: irishnews

And then Prof Harvey was interviewed by Chris Buckler on BBC Radio Ulster Good Morning Ulster programme.

Listen here:

UPDATE from UTV political editor

November 25th statement from Colin Harvey to said: “This region still needs a strong, inclusive and enforceable Bill of Rights.

“The continuing failure to implement reasonable expectations flowing from the Good Friday Agreement should concern everyone. Is anyone really in any doubt about the pressing need for basic social and economic guarantees, in areas such as health and housing? Would anyone object to stronger protections for equality here? Why do people continue to be denied access to a full range of human rights?

“As someone who has worked in the area of human rights law for over 25 years, I am obviously concerned about the reports of what has happened.

“But my thoughts remain with the marginalised and vulnerable individuals and communities here that need a Bill of Rights now. And with all those who continue to be failed by people who are fundamentally opposed to advancing a meaningful equality and human rights agenda.”

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