Saturday, August 6, 2022

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Her Loyal Voice does brilliant work amplifying loyalist women’s voices so I was delighted to be sent ‘Unheard Voices - Stories of Loyalist Women Growing up in Northern Ireland’

The new book, supported by the DFA’s reconciliation fund, includes contributions from: Dawn Purvis; Julie-Anne Corr Johnston; Patsy; Debbie; Eileen Weir; Emma Shaw; Lindsay Graham; Lisa; Caroline*; Lauren Kerr; Elizabeth* and Susan*

*not their real name.

It’s well worth a read.

You can check it out here (and please share with your friends): HLV_UnheardVoices_v4.pdf spoke to Ulster Unionist Party North Belfast representative Julie-Anne Corr Johnston, and Caroline*.

Julie-Anne said: “This is a really valuable project.

“It acts as a conduit, giving voice to loyalist women, voices which are often unheard.

“It bridges the gaps in what has been, to date, a partial exploration of their perspectives on Northern Ireland’s Troubles.

“It challenges those damning stereotypes.

“Anyone with a genuine interest in moving this place forward and progressing a truly pluralist and inclusive society will enjoy hours of eye-opening, on occasions eye-watering, stories through this project.”

Caroline* said: "Most people don't know a loyalist woman well and what they think they know about us has been gleaned from harmful stereotypes and negative portrayals.

“If you want an authentic account of the lives of loyalist women, read this book.

"Our community derives much of its strength from the working class women you will meet within its pages."

For more about Her Loyal Voice visit the website:

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