AMANDA FERGUSON in north Belfast

Friday, January 1, 2021

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Hey you guys!

Happy New Year everyone.

So, I’m doing Dry January, for my sins...

And I am raising funds for the MS Society.

You can read about their work here: https://www.mssociety.org.uk/

And if minded you can sponsor me on my page: offboozeforjanuary

Whatever you can spare, be it a pound, the cost of a drink, or a $1,000,000 is much appreciated.

Thank you. Amanda🧡🌈

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It’s water, fruit juice, tea, Shloer etc for me for one month!

I’m going to have to dig deep...

Wish me luck!🧡🌈


Or if you would prefer to sponsor my brother Ryan on his page👈🏻🧡

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