Sunday, December 6, 2020

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The Irish Secretariat’s Office in Belfast asked me to interview six amazing women from its First Friday’s network.

The ‘coffee break catch up series’ short Zoom chats were shared among network members as usual in person meetings cannot take place at present due to #covid19 restrictions.

They were published online every Friday morning at 11am over the last six weeks to be viewed over coffee breaks at home, work, wherever you were.

I have pulled them all together here for your viewing pleasure.
So, force yourself to take a break, boil the kettle, make your favourite hot drink and listen to some inspiring women speak.

First up was the incredible Lilian Seenoi-Barr from the North West Migrants Forum in Derry. She gave us an insight into Black History Month and what it means to be a woman.

My second interviewee was Peace Walls programme coordinator Sarah Lorimer who told us all about her work and the people who inspire her.

Next up was the fabulous Lynn Carvill from Women’s Tec in north Belfast. She was sharing all the brilliant news about women in non-traditional training, struggling with lockdown, and her knitting obsession got a mention too.

Then I spoke to maternal mental health campaigner Lindsay Robinson about coping with covid restrictions and the importance of women’s networks.

We learned more about the Feminist Recovery Plan, the importance of childcare, and a bit about switching off and Strictly joy from Women’s Sector Lobbyist Rachel Powell.

And last but not least was the final interviewee in the series Niamh Flanagan of Theatre & Dance NI. She spoke about her hopes for the arts industry and what she’s looking forward to in 2021.

Thanks to the Irish Secretariat’s Office for asking me to take on such a positive project. Thanks to the women who spoke to me and everyone who watched and shared.

Merry Christmas, Nollaig Shona and Blythe Yuletide! Hopefully I will see you all in person in 2021.


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