AMANDA FERGUSON - GLÓR at Leabharlann Uí Chonghaile

AMANDA FERGUSON in west Belfast

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

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Thank you to the team at the James Connolly Visitor Centre Áras Uí Chonghaile for asking me to be a guest on their podcast series GLÓR at Leabharlann Uí Chonghaile (

The brief was: "Reflections from a range of authors, journalists, civic leaders, historians and generally interesting people exploring the importance of the written word, the value of a library and their own inspirations and motivations. Based in Áras Uí Chonghaile, the James Connolly Visitor Centre, Belfast."

You can listen to my 10 minute episode here: 6. Amanda Ferguson - GLÓR at Leabharlann Uí Chonghaile (

And the other episodes in the series are all here: GLÓR at Leabharlann Uí Chonghaile (

In the podcast I mentioned the lessons from covid, good communication, the importance of learning and libraries, my formative years in north Belfast, being a pupil at St Thérèse of Lisieux and attending Belfast Royal Academy, where my favourite teacher was Mr Dickson.

This is the story I mentioned about the anniversary of the school:

Randomly I had cause to be in Chichester Avenue today so I called by Chichester Library, where I would escape to as a child, and took a cheeky snap.

Chichester library

Enjoy the podcast, I enjoyed taking part.

You can also listen on Spotify here: Spotify – 6. Amanda Ferguson - GLÓR at Leabharlann Uí Chonghaile - GLÓR at Leabharlann Uí Chonghaile | Podcast on Spotify

Thank you (GRMA) for reading and listening. Amanda

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